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The LTC30's have been in my system for almost five years and I have never once felt like trying another cable, which in itself is speaks volumes. As I said in the past the biggest difference I heard with these cables is how percise the soundstage got. Sitting in my listening position I can visually point to evey instrument that is playing. The soundstage seems deeper, 3D like. The cables are incredibly accurate from the highs of cymbals to the lows of the bass guitar and drum. To my ears and system, the music seems warmer with these cables and I mean that in a good way. There just isn't any shrillness to the music which for my ears causes listeners fatigue. I can and do listen for hours and the special part is that I find myself just listening to the music and not the system. Other components of my stereo and Home Theater system may change but the LTC30's are in for the long haul.

Chicago, IL

I once auditioned a pair of $700/1 M Crecendo Analog interconnects made by the very reputable Straight Wire Inc which were 1" thick with a highly complex wire geometry that could not come close to the the transparency, tonal correctness and amazing low level detail retrieval of the BAE-LTC30's and its an honor to meet the man who designed and built these giant killer Analog interconnects...

Portland, OR

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